Community Planning

Community Challenge Grant

In 2010, the US Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Transportation (DOT) initiated the Community Challenge Planning Grant Program. The intent was encourage and support "affordable, econimically vital, and sustainable communities." RCHA was awarded a Community Challenge grant, and along with its partners, the Randolph County Commission, Randolph County Senior Center, and Randolph County Development Authority, has used the grant for the following activities:

A county-wide study of housing and transportation to look at population centers in the county, top employers and their locations, transportation options and routes for commuters, and the availability and affordability of rental and for-sale housing near the employers or transit routes. Housing and Transportation Study   Appendix A Maps

A bus transit study, in partnership with Country Roads Transit, to assess the opportunities and risks of expanding the bus routes in Elkins and around the county to increase ridership and better support commuters. Transit Study   Appendix A Maps   Appendix B Survey

Neighborhood assessment for Highland Park, including analysis and strategies that address housing, public transportation, and walk/bike options.  Mobility Plan    

In December 2012, the Sustainable City Network wrote an article about the work we have been doing in Randolph County. Take a look at what they said: 
HUD-DOT Community Challenge Grant Supports Rural Housing/Transit Studies