YouthBuild Training Specifics

YouthBuild trainees will receive construction training and participate in education and leadership development  activities to maximize the expansion of their marketable job skills. The training program includes:

Construction Training

YouthBuild trainees gain meaningful experience building residential housing units in the local community which expands the supply of affordable housing. Two site trainers teach and lead the crew through all phases of construction.

Educational Training

Education activities focus on basic skill development and GED preparation as well as computer, entrepreneur and other vocational training. Emphasis on job readiness and placement activities are important and participants may earn a variety of certifications such as OSHA Construction Safety and Hazard, Food Handler's and First Aid/CPR.

Leadership Development

The YouthBuild program teaches leadership development by encouraging trainees to take responsibility for themselves, their family and their community. Leadership activities include parenting and personal money management training, civics education and community service.