HomeOwnership Center

HomeOwnership Center

HomeOwnership Center (HOC) is an independent, non-profit, community-based lending, advising, and educational resource for individuals and families of all income levels. Through their vast network of partners, they provide competitive, affordable traditional and specialty home loans, and assistance to help individuals and families achieve their goal of owning a home in North Central West Virginia. Programs for first-time home buyers include credit counseling, home buyer education, and home loans. A variety of financial advising and educational courses are available, as well as assistance refinancing existing homes, accessing funds to make homes more energy efficient, and making home accommodations for medical conditions. HOC offers a variety of programs to assist first-time and repeat home buyers, those who were previously turned down by other lending institutions, and home buyers interested in finding the best loan option for their individual circumstance.

For additional information, please visit the HomeOwnership Center website. Find them on Facebook, as well.

HomeOwnership Center (HOC)

Phone: 304-636-9115
Email: info@hocwv.org

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HomeOwnership Center

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HomeOwnership Center, Inc.

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