What Is the Goal of the Healthy Home Program?

The main goal of the Healthy Home Program is to improve the health and well-being of seniors by providing care coordination and on-site programs using a housing-based model. A Core Team (consisting of a Wellness Nurse and Program Coordinator) gets to know each participant, provides them with a thorough wellness assessment, helps them to craft a Health Action Plan (HAP), and connects them to educational programs and resources in the community that can help them meet their goals.

What our Healthy Home Program is doing in response to COVID-19

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How Does the Healthy Home Program
Help Participants?

The presence of the Healthy Home Core Team in the home setting means they can respond quickly to changes in a person’s health or well-being and provide help as needed. HH staff communicates with doctors, encourage compliance with care plans and medications, and helps residents keep their appointments. Care coordination during transitions from the ER, hospital, or a nursing home is another key service component. The Program has been proven to benefit program participants, as well as providing an estimated $70,000 annual reduction in ER & direct hospital expenses.

Preliminary program results have indicated the following benefits for HH participants:

  • 50% Improved outlook on life
  • One in three participants had medication reductions
  • 80% fall reduction in the first year after program participation
  • Fall Risk Score improved by 1/3
  • 25% improvement in Nutritional Scores

Aside from helping participants connect with community programs, HH staff offers additional valuable programs to the housing units during their visits, including:

  • Financial Management
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Socialization
  • Flu Shots
  • and much more!

Residents who participate in their care by setting goals, developing strategies, and reporting on their progress achieve better health outcomes. The HH Program provides a convenient means for participants to take charge of their health – while minimizing social isolation and loneliness, as well.

Case Study: Diabetes Management

As an example of HH impact, “Carolyn” was recently hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes and prescribed insulin. Prior to discharge, a referral was made to Healthy Home. The Healthy Home Program Coordinator met with Carolyn at home after discharge and the Wellness Nurse followed up the next day. Carolyn felt overwhelmed and lost on how to manage this new disease. Staff worked with her to develop an eating schedule and compiled a list of her favorite foods that would not spike her sugar levels. She also made a referral to the local hospital’s dietitian. The Wellness Nurse continued weekly home visits to coach Carolyn on glucose monitoring and diet. Carolyn soon became confident with managing her diabetes and has learned to control her sugar levels. She also began attending chair exercise class in her building two times a week. Now, Carolyn is getting setting new goals – to lose weight and no longer be insulin-dependent.

Healthy Home Program – Lewis County, WV

The Healthy Home Program is now available in Lewis County, WV. This free care coordination program is for seniors living in rental properties. The program was launched in coordination with RCHA and our partners in Lewis County. Eligible senior renters are invited to participate in the Lewis County Healthy Home Program.

For more information on Healthy Home:
Contact Karen Jacobson, Randolph County Housing Authority Executive Director, at kjacobson@rchawv.org or the evaluators: Richard Wittberg at dickwittberg@hotmail.com and Mike Schleiff at mjschleiff@gmail.com.