Randolph WORC

RandolphWORC is a Department of Labor Grant-funded program.  The goal of this pilot program is to increase access to training programs for those who are first time job seekers, those under-employed, displaced workers, and those who will be leaving a corrections institute and will be entering the workforce.   Specifically, we strive to:

  • Focus on Career and Technical training
  • Help Randolph County residents gain meaningful employment
  • Provide training certifications for job readiness
  • Contribute to Randolph County becoming an ACT Work Ready Community

Learn more about Randolph WORC on its website. 

Get Ready! Wood Manufacturing Technician Training Course participants.


Rural Community Development Initiative (RCDI)

The RCDI program is funded by a USDA Rural Development grant to help promote downtown redevelopment.  In the current grant, RCHA is working with the City of Elkins, Elkins Main Street, Historic Beverly, Highland Community Builders, HomeOwnership Center, Woodlands Development Group & Woodlands Community Lenders to help expand their capacity to do pre-development work in Randolph county.  For more information about the RCDI grant, contact Heather Croson at hcroson@rchawv.org.

Financial Opportunity Center (FOC)

The FOC was created as several needs were identified during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In collaboration with the HomeOwnership Center, the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, and Rural LISC, the FOC provides financial counselling, employment training and income support to families facing challenges in our rural area.  To find out more about the FOC, visit their webpage here.