Hi-SET Preparation and Testing Assistance

Out-of-school youth aged 17-24, who do not have a high school diploma, are eligible to apply for our Hi-SET Preparation and Testing Program. Basic skills and computer training are included, along with a strong emphasis on helping participants become job-ready and placed into work positions. Participants may also receive a variety of certifications, including OSHA Construction Safety and Hazard, First Aid/CPR, Food Handler Certification, and more. This program lasts between six and ten months.

What Is the YouthBuild Entrepreneurship Program?

YouthBuild’s Entrepreneurship Program Curriculum includes a combination of classroom and hands-on, on-the-job training designed to provide participants with the skills necessary to start a new business for themselves based on the skills they have learned. Our participants’ entrepreneurship skills may also benefit them as stand out employees when considered for hire by future employers.

Leadership development is also an important part of the program. Participants are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, their family, and their community through activities that may include parenting and personal money management training, civics education, and community service.

What Type of Construction Training Is Offered?

Trainees are able to obtain meaningful experience building residential housing units in their local communities, which expands the supply of affordable housing. Two site trainers teach and lead the crew through all phases of construction. Construction training alternates each week with educational activities throughout the program. Participants receive paid training at the minimum wage rate, as well as an hourly stipend for participation in educational activities. Transportation support is available, as needed. Participants graduate from the program with the tools needed to get and keep employment.

Since 1995, hundreds of local youth have completed the YouthBuild Program and moved on to secure well-paying, sustainable jobs. Through their training, participants have built dozens of quality, affordable homes. In addition, most of our YouthBuild participants have chosen to earn their GED or Hi-SET. YouthBuild is one of the most beneficial programs serving youth in North Central West Virginia and RCHA is proud of the role that we, along with our dedicated partners, play in providing youth with the tools to get a good job – and keep it.

The total cost of the YouthBuild program is $1,525,965. $1,198,500. (79%) is funded through a U.S Department of Labor – Employment and Training Administration grant. $327,465 (21%) is financed by non-governmental sources.