Q.: What are my obligations as a Section 8 Landlord?

-Provide safe, decent, and sanitary housing at a reasonable rental rate.
-Ensure unit meets Housing Quality Standards.
-Keep your agreement to provide utilities as agreed to in your RCHA contract and lease with your tenant.
-Must accept direct deposit

Q.: What are RCHA’s obligations under the Section 8 Program?

-As a Public Housing Authority (PHA), RCHA administers the Section 8 Program throughout Randolph, Barbour, Tucker, Lewis, Upshur and Pendleton County, WV.
-RCHA helps tenants find suitable housing.
-RCHA verifies the tenant’s program eligibility (including income and family composition).
-RCHA inspects each rental unit at least annually to verify compliance with Housing Quality Standards.
-RCHA provides HAP payments directly to participating Section 8 landlords on behalf of participating Section 8 tenants.
-RCHA may be obligated to terminate HAP payments when a landlord fails to meet “owner’s obligations” under the lease.

View the Landlord Handbook online for more information.

Additional Information and Forms for Landlords

Lobby Hours

Our lobby is closed every Friday. We will continue to be open Monday through Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and  4:00 p.m.

On Fridays, we do not have a receptionist but all other staff will be working. Therefore, if you need to speak with someone, you will need to dial that person’s extension directly.

We will continue to have a drop box outside the front door if you need to drop off paperwork. Any paperwork received on Thursday after 3:00 p.m. will be processed on the next business day. (Monday)

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

We require all current landlords to complete both W-9 and direct deposit forms. If you have more than one account, make sure you complete W-9 and direct deposit forms for all of your accounts.

Payments may be held until all paperwork is received. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

The Waiting List for our Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program is open.

Once closed, we will announce the re-opening of the waiting list in local newspapers, on Facebook and on our website.