RCHA Soliciting Bids to Replace Boilers

Randolph County Housing Authority is soliciting quotes for replacing 6 gas fired boilers in Elkins and Mill Creek, WV. Quotes, including time to complete, need to be received at the RCHA office at 2280 Randolph Ave, Elkins, WV 26241 no later than 4pm Thursday June 16, 2022. For a complete description of the work to be completed, visit rchawv.org or email [email protected]. RCHA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



For Contractors seeking information on boilers bid quote:

231 Diamond St, Elkins, two story quadplex: The project will consist of replacing gas boilers at each of the four apartments in this complex.

221-227 Woody Simmons Dr, Mill Creek, one story complex with four apartments. The project consists of replacing a gas boiler in two apartments in this complex.

A site visit is strongly encouraged to examine current boilers and determine exact materials needed.

Current boilers are 40,000 BTU and 38 gallons and fed by natural gas. They should be replaced with the same or better BTU and size.

Please note that prior to a contract being awarded for this project, contractor will provide RCHA with current copies of WV Contractor’s license, WV Worker’s Compensation, Insurance Policy, Form W-9, and Proof of Liability Insurance coverage. Any questions about the requirements or details of this project can be directed to Michelle Teter at 304-642-5160 or [email protected].